Opinion poll: People in Serbia say don’t support regime but still vote for it

Source: N1

There is a slight difference, only two percent, between people who support the current Government and those who believe that it would be good if it is changed, Demostat, the Investigative and Publishing Centre's opinion poll shows, but a researcher does not dare to predict election results.

When asked which political parties are closer to them, 40 percent of respondents said those in power, 35 percent those in opposition.

Regarding the change of Government, 32 percent think the current one is good, and only two percent less would like to have someone else in power.

„I am not ready to say that this trend will continue on April 3. The catch is that they express a negative attitude towards the Government, but they still vote for it. Why that is happening is a million-dollar question,“  Srecko Mihailovic, a Demostat researcher, said.

He believes the answers to that lie in the division of the opposition and pressure on the voters.

One of the reasons for his hesitation to predict the election results is supported by 43 percent out of 1,223 people interviewed by phone, who say they believe the elections will be neither free nor fair.

„It is a belief that takes away the legitimacy of this election,“ Mihailovic said. He also listed a high politically motivated abstinence, the dominant party’s media monopoly and a functionary campaign as other reasons that jeopardise the election legitimacy.

„I believe that today’s pre-election situation is worse than in 1990 and worse than 2000,“ he added.

Zoran Panovic of Demostat thinks that the economic situation is better than previous years. But, he adds, „compared to some of the democratic standards set since October 5, 2000 (the fall of the 10-year rule of Slobodan Milosevic), the election process has declined considerably.“


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