Open Balkan sign at Serbia-North Macedonia border crossing

NEWS 07.04.2022 17:36
Source: Ministarstvo finansija

The Serbian Finance Ministry said on Thursday that an Open Balkan sign was put up at one of the entry lanes of the Presevo-Tabanovce border crossing with North Macedonia.

The lane is reserved for trucks from Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania which have been granted preferential status.

Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said that the goal of the Open Balkan initiative is to greatly speed up the movement of goods and services and create a single labor market with better business conditions, a press release said.

He said that trucks no longer have to wait for hours to cross the borders of those countries. “We listened to the voice of the economy and are improving the business environment,” the Finance Minister said, adding that the Open Balkan initiative is hugely important in strengthening regional cooperation and economies.

Mali said an agreement was signed to introduce single work permits for Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania.