ODIHR chief observer notes positive and negative aspects in elections

NEWS 06.04.2022 21:35
Source: Tanjug/Nenad Mihajlović

The head of an OSCE observer mission said on Wednesday that positive and less positive aspects and processes had been registered at the Serbian elections on April 3.

ODIHR observer mission chief Douglas Wake told the state Radio TV Vojvodina (RTV) that basic liberties were respected but that political players were not afforded equal access to the media and that political parties did not have equal access to financing for their campaigns. He said that there was pressure on voters, especially on public sector employees, and that state resources were used to benefit parties. He noted very small improvements in terms of the use of those resources in campaigns by the ruling parties.

The opposition had more air time on the state TV (RTS) as well as on some private stations but air time was limited for all parties. He noted negative aspects in the media such as reporting on activities by state officials as part of the campaign.

According to Wake, the opposition and civil society organizations feel isolated because the media have been turning them into enemies for years and their campaigns have a limited effect on the public.

Wake said that his observers did not report any case of people voting more than once but did not exclude the possibility.