NUNS demands end to threats to independent journalists, intellectuals in Serbia

NEWS 21.10.2021 12:38
Source: N1

The Independent Association of Serbia's Journalists (NUNS) called on the authorities to identify, find and prosecute the person behind the threats and insults against independent journalists and intellectuals.

NUNS said that threats against journalists Jovana Gligorijevic and Snezana Congradin, historian Dubravka Stojanovic and literary critic Jelena Lalatovic were published on Twitter ‘Autochauvinism watch over the annulled Dzender Vukadinovic’ account.

The Association added it „justifiably suspects that Zoran Cirjakovic (a researcher at the Institute for Political Studies and former lecturer at the ‘Singidunum’ Media and Communication Faculty in Belgrade) is using that account.“

„In addition to the threats he occasionally makes, the person on his Twitter account continues to persecute journalists, especially Jovana Gligorijevic,“ the NUNS statement said.

It added that on Wednesday evening, the author wrote about wanting the worst for these women except „rape and acid in the face.“

NUNS recalled that the same threat was sent almost a year ago to the NIN independent weekly’s deputy editor-in-chief Vesna Malisic, indirectly calling for her murder.

„In July 2019, Jovana Gligorijevic, Snezana Chongradin, Isidora Petrovic, Dubravka Stojanovic, Adriana Zaharijevic and Jelena Lalatovic sent an open letter to the public in which they clearly and precisely pointed out the continuous terror that Cirjakovic carried out against them,“ NUNS said.

It added that hate speech and calls for lynching should by no means be an integral part of the regular communication between people who think differently.

„We also call on the police and the prosecution to find and prosecute the person behind this order as soon as possible. NUNS will inform the relevant authorities about the case, add it to the Database of attacks and pressures on journalists and inform international organisations about them,“ NUNS said.


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