Number of tourists in Serbia last month 22 times higher than in April of 2020

NEWS 31.05.2021 14:59
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Source: N1

The number of tourist arrivals in Serbia in April this year compared to the same month in 2020, was higher by 2,078.2 percent, and the number of overnight stays by 857 percent, according to the Republic Statistical Office statement on Monday.

The massive increase in the number of visits is due to the low base in April 2020, when the state of emergency was in force in Serbia due to the coronavirus pandemic, when the country recorded 6,294 tourist arrivals, compared to 137,073 in April 2021.

The number of overnight stays in April 2020 was 41,656, while in April 2021, it increased to 398,628.

That means that the number of tourists increased by almost 22 times, while the number of overnight stays was 9.6 times higher.

In April 2019, 300,927 tourists visited Serbia before the pandemic, spending 776,495 nights in the country.