Nova S TV presents its program to Serbian media watchdog

NEWS 07.11.2022 17:12
Source: Promo

Nova S TV is one of the four television stations that have submitted their documents to Serbia’s Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) for taking part in the tender for the award of the fifth national broadcasting license in Serbia, said Nova S.

„In the previous competition, when four national broadcasting licenses were awarded, we repeatedly requested that our application be handled the same way as the others and in line with the rules envisaged by the law, and we are now repeating this. We are convinced that Nova S met all the requirements for the award of a license even back then, because we demonstrated that we are able to offer a quality and diverse program to the Serbian audience at the national level, and to contribute to media pluralism and media freedom,“ Nova S said in a press release.

This TV station listed all its programs already offered to the viewers in Serbia, adding that these and many novelties planned if it is awarded a national broadcasting frequency are contained in the program scheme presentations submitted to REM in both competitions.

“This is one more reason why we are convinced that we deserve that frequency. The Nova S television station has offered a high-quality, attractive program, and through its work it has already shown that it is guided by the rules of the profession and that it reports independently and objectively. All of this has been rewarded by our viewers, the channel continuously records an increase in viewership, and the measurements confirm that, despite the limited availability of the channel, we are ahead of certain televisions that have been repeatedly issued national broadcasting licenses,“ said the Nova S press release, adding:

„We can guarantee that the future production and selection of Nova S television content will further improve the existing channel offer and satisfy the audience throughout Serbia, especially bearing in mind the enviable international experience of the group, whose channels with national licenses in the region are among the most watched in their respective countries.“