Srbija rejects EU suggestion to support Ukraine territorial integrity

NEWS 25.02.2022 13:441 komentar
Source: Tanjug / Strahinja Aćimović

Serbia’s Government refused to accept the European Union’s suggestion to condemn all endangering the territorial integrity of Ukraine, i.e., to appeal for the respect of international law, the website reported on Friday.

It added that the decision was made late on Thursday at the cabinet session attended by President Aleksandar Vucic.

related news sources said Belgrade would not condemn Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine and that a majority voted for the decision at the Government’s session, with the ministers from the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), Vucic’s party leading coalition partner, abstaining.

The sources said that the meeting did not discuss sanctions against Russia.

Vucic is expected to present the decision to the public later in the day.

He would first have another meeting with the National Security Council and then with the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Patriarch to discuss the situation with Ukraine.

The Union has repeatedly asked Serbia, as an EU candidate country, to harmonise its foreign policy with the block. Belgarde maintains that obligation comes at the end of the negotiating process and says it wants to keep good relations with Brussels, Moscow and Beijing at the same time.



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