SNS PM threatens safety of independent journalists and media in Serbia

Source: N1/arhiva

Nebojsa Bakarec, Serbian Progressive Party’s (SNS) MP and vice-president of the Parliamentary Committee for Culture and Media, threatened the safety of journalists of independent media operating within the United Group with a new series of texts and photoshopped images published on social networks and taken over by media close to SNS.

According to, with this series of posts, Bakarec „managed what would seem difficult to achieve for decent people – to cross the otherwise very low limits of common sense and good taste for SNS raiders.“

Bakarec used a photo montage to bring together United Group co-owner Dragan Solak, Kosovo Prime Minister Kurti and Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic.

„What MP Bakarec was thinking when he published this post is not known. The problem is what he achieves with it. It continues the persecution of independent media, journalists who work in those media, their families, interlocutors, among them mostly ordinary citizens, as well as the sources with whom journalists communicate. By directly threatening their security, they want to achieve their essential goal – the suppression of free media,“ pointed out.


Articles were published in certain media outlets this morning claiming that „Solak’s media is running a campaign for Albin Kurti“. In those texts, dealing with a series of reports from the north of Kosovo that published in recent days, they refer to the lynching of journalists and their interlocutors, even more openly.

„The and the Nova daily journalists’ sin lies in the fact that we faithfully conveyed the words of the real citizens of Kosovo, our compatriots, the few who dared to speak about life in Kosovo,“ it states.

Others, on the other hand, dealt with the way in which Nova wrote about the president’s stay at the Wine Fair, the fact that he drank a little too much and his dynamic relationship with the media advisor. To normal people (including journalists), those videos were funny. For editors of the aforementioned media, they represent an attack on the state.

„Both MP Bakarec and certain regime media should know that these intimidation tactics do not work. Instead, they only confirm what we have been saying from the beginning, that the biggest political opponent of the regime in Serbia, which is rapidly ceasing to be a democratic country, is the free media. This is not normal,“ concluded.


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