publishes details of Belivuk group indictment

NEWS 06.08.2021 13:52
Veljko Belivuk
Source: Pedja Milosavljevic/AFP

The portal published what it said are details of the indictment against the organized crime group headed by Veljko Belivuk who alleged that he had personal contact with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and other state and ruling party officials.

Belivuk and his lieutenant Marko Miljkovic told prosecutors that they met with Vucic and Internal Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin and were asked to take control of Partizan FC supporter groups opposed to the regime. Belivuk’s group had offices at the Partizan stadium in Belgrade where they are alleged to have committed acts of crime.

The Organized Crime Prosecution indicted Belivuk, Miljkovic and 29 others charging them with five murders, one rape of a man, drug trafficking and arms deals.

The indictment states that they formed a criminal group early in 2019 under the guise of the Principi football supporter group, operating under the command of Belivuk and Miljkovic to commit the crimes they are charged with. It said that they communicated via the Sky app. The crimes were committed in the village of Ritopek outside Belgrade in a house which had room named slaughterhouse. They set up an industrial meat grinder in that room to get rid of the bodies of their victims. The room was periodically cleaned with chemicals to get rid of any possible evidence. The Belivuk group also had a large cache of automatic and semi-automatic firearms, explosive and ammunition in the house, the 322 page indictment said, adding that Belivuk and Miljkovic drove an armored Audi A8. It said that only 11 of the 31 defendants were allowed access to the house in Ritopek.

The group are charged with murdering one of their own, Aleksandar Gligorijevic, who they believed was passing information to rival gangs, Goran Velickovic who was tortured and killed for planning to kill the gang bosses, Lazar Vukicevic who was keeping Belivuk and Miljkovic under surveillance, Zdravko Radojevic who was thought to be in contact with rivals and Milan Ljepoja from a rival criminal group who tried to kill their friend Radoje Zvicer. All five were tortured and their bodies cut up and put through the meat grinder for easier disposal. They are also charged with the rape of a man identified only by the initials IS who they accused of spying on them.