Nova daily says Djilas won’t top opposition list for parliament

NEWS 31.01.2022 13:35
Source: N1

Nova daily said on Monday that opposition leader Dragan Djilas won’t be among the top opposition candidates for parliament.

It said that the leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) won’t be among the first 70 candidates on the list being put forward by the coalition formed by the SSP, Democratic Party (DS), and People’s Party (NS) which is expected to win more than 70 seats. According to the daily, Djilas would be in one of the candidate slots between 70 and 75.

The opposition coalition’s list of candidates will be topped by SSP deputy leader Marinika Tepic, followed by DS leader Zoran Lutovac and NS deputy leader Miroslav Aleksic. It said the parties have agreed quotes to share all 250 seats in the Serbian parliament with 10 seats reserved for non-partisan candidates among the first 30.

Nova was told by NS leader Vuk Jeremic that he would not run for parliament or any other state post.