Ninic: State plans to ‘shut down’ some 200,000 cases of citizens against banks

NEWS 03.07.2021 13:49
Source: N1

Lawyer Ivan Ninic said that on Monday, that the Committee on Constitutional Issues and Legislation of the National Assembly will consider authentic interpretations of three laws aimed at "shutting down" cases that Serbian citizens are taking against banks.

„If this form of interpretation passes, all cases, some 200,000 banking cases will be shut down, our clients will lose these procedures, they will have the obligation to pay enormous lawyer and bank expenses,“ Ninic told N1.

Ninic said that lawyers were „absolutely shocked“ when they found out last night that the session of the Board was scheduled.

„All three interpretations are contrary to the position of the Supreme Court of Cassation and all previous verdicts in favour of citizens from whom banks have stolen money on the basis of unfounded loan processing, various administration costs and commissions,“ he said.


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