NGO says Belgrade city transport in debt despite subsidies

NEWS 12.11.2021 10:42
Source: Beoinfo

A Serbian expert NGO said on Friday that the Belgrade city transport company (GSP) owes its suppliers almost five billion Dinars even though it is heavily subsidized.

Center for Local Self-government (CLS) President Nikola Jovanovic specified that the GSP owed its suppliers 4.84 billion Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) on October 1. He said in a press release that the figure includes a two billion Dinar debt to the Serbian Oil Industry (NIS) for fuel and added that a contract had been signed with the AIK bank to take over the debt.

He said that the city authorities amended the budget to hand the GSP another billion Dinars in subsidies to repay debts to the end of the year. “This year’s Belgrade city transport budget, including payments to private bus companies and the GSP stands at an astronomic 31 billion Dinars so it’s strange that the GSP is in so much debt,” he said.