Nezavisnost Union calls for unity among workers on International Workers’ Day

NEWS 01.05.2022 12:54
radnici prvi maj protest
Source: N1

The Nezavisnost (Independence) Union organised a protest at the central Nikola Pasic Square in Belgrade on the International Workers' Day, conveying a message that workers are aware they can achieve their rights only if they are joined together.

They rallied under the slogan ‘Bean yourselves – get together in a union’, in reference to cooked beans, the workers’ meal traditionally served on May Day.

“We deeply believe that only united workers can exercise their rights, and that is why we call on everyone to become part of the ‘Independence’ family. We give ourselves the right to celebrate May Day, regardless of all the problems of workers in Serbia, by conveying messages about the continuity of our struggle for a healthy and safe workplace, quality collective agreements and decent wages,” said the union representatives.

Some of them pointed out that the rights of workers in Serbia are endangered, that wages are at an unenviable level and that the authorities are not doing enough to improve the situation.

In most cases, when they turn to the competent institutions, as they said, they come across closed doors.


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