New political alliance in Serbia: Patriotic Block to seek return of monarchy

NEWS 02.12.2021 14:43
patriotski blok
Source: N1

'New People for Changing System’ Block is a political alliance in Serbia formed on Thursday to be “the third road between the former and current regimes and unite the Serb patriots," who will demand the return of the monarchy.

The Block will take part in presidential, early general and Belgrade elections in April 2020, and its presidential candidate will be Bosko Obradovic, the leader of the nationalist Dveri Movement.

The new alliance consists of eight political parties and organisations.

After the elections, the Block will initiate a change in governing and the restoration of a monarchy.

„Besides the pro-western former regime’s ticket, Green-Left block, this is the third, I would say red-white-blue (the colours of Serbia’s flag), patriotic and anti-globalist alliance,” Obradovic told a news conference in Belgrade.

It will also advocate family values, domestic economic interest, decentralisation and strengthening of local administrations.

‘New People’ are against COVID passes and mandatory vaccination and the right to choose in that sense.

The Block invited other political parties and coalitions to join it.

“This is not a coalition for the forthcoming elections only, but for a long time, strategic political engagement,” Obradovic said.


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