New EU donation to Serbia – $ 1.3 mil for social housing

Source: N1

The European Union continued aiding Serbia by donating 1.3 million Dollars to the central town of Cacak for the construction and purchase of apartments for socially sensitive categories of the population, the deputy mayor of Cacak, Vladan Milic, told reporters on Tuesday.

In addition, the sum of 217,500 Dollars will be allocated from the city budget for the same purpose.

The construction and purchase of accommodation for socially vulnerable categories of the population, including Roma, victims of domestic violence, people with disabilities and young people who grew up in foster families or social welfare institutions, is carried out within the project ‘Leaving No One Behind.’

Milic added that a residential building with 12 apartments and two common areas for socialising would be built in the Cacak district of Obrez.

The EU is by far the largest donor to Serbia, despite Belgrade’s increasingly stronger links to Russia and China both politically and economically.

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It is also planned to purchase 14 rural households for 19,000 Dollars each and the construction materials for the 12 housing units that need reconstruction.

„In addition to the housing, the so-called ‘soft measures’ are also planned, i.e., assistance for independent life, referral to future jobs and alike,“ Milic said.