Neonazi desecrate People’s Heroes Crypt in Belgrade

Source: Shutterstock

Neo-Nazis published a video of the four People's Heroes Crypt's organised desecration in the Belgrade central Kalemegdan park, built in 1948, with "Death to Fascism - Freedom to the People."

A video taken during the desecration, which VOICE website had access to, showed a large group of people near the Crypt, who, along with Nazi shouts, wrote „Death to the Commune“ graffiti.

Some three-minute recording in black and white was accompanied by music by neo-Nazi bands and ends with the message „You still exist – that’s tolerance,“ the organisation „Anti Antifa Belgrade“ reported.

The logo is illustrated with the „Celtic Cross“, an international neo-Nazi symbol.

„They are attacking people and property in an organised manner, and they filmed the attack and desecration of the symbol of anti-fascist struggle. Of course, there is no reaction from the authorities, and that is why we call on all anti-fascists to unite and be careful,“ the AFA posted on its Facebook page.

That is not the first such incident, but the competent state authorities have never found the perpetrators of these heinous acts, although they occasionally left recordings and photos of their Nazi feasts on social networks.



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