NDNV: Stop threatening Nova.rs journalist, prosecutors to react

NEWS 15.10.2021 16:42
Pero Jovović
Source: Newsmax Adria

The Independent Society of Vojvodina’s Journalists (NDNV) called on the prosecutors to urgently react to death threats to United Media’s Nova.rs reporter on social networks.

NDNV recalls the attacks followed the Belgrade Informer tabloid report that Pero Jovovic published Kosovo’s symbols on his private profile on social networks.

He received “many death threats, including an anonymously posted photo with a knife in his head.

NDNV said it was not the first case that “due to unsolved Belgrade – Pristina relations, the nationalistic rhetorics endangers the safety of journalists.“

It added it was inadmissible to draw targets on journalists and branding them traitors for posts on private profiles on social networks.

“Numerous times in the past such posts ended in physical attacks and a show-down with journalists,” NDNV said.

It called on Jovovic and other journalists whose safety was endangered to report it to the institutions and seek help from journalists’ organisations.



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