NDMBGD opposition movement: Ruling party activists attacked our poll watcher

NEWS 03.04.2022 16:08
Source: Tanjug/ Dragan Kujundžić, arhiva

The ‘Do not let Belgrade drown’ (NDMBGD) opposition movement said that one of the poll watchers from their coalition, Djordje Trajkovic, was attacked at a polling station in Zemun, Belgrade, “after he discovered and filmed SNS party activists using a separate electoral list and going door to door and urging people to vote.”

According to the opposition movement, Trajkovic was heading towards the home of a person who was not able to vote at a polling station due to a disability, in order to monitor the process. He said he noticed activists from the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) going door to door with a parallel voter list.

Trajkovic said he was attacked first by Goran Jakimov, one of the members of the election commission from the SNS, and then by other persons who allegedly stole his phone and deleted the recording of the incident.

“Fortunately, Trajkovic managed to send it to our headquarters immediately. The attack was reported to the police, and we will file criminal charges against the attacker,” the statement said.


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