National Convent on EU: EC report on Serbia less sharp than previous

Source: Shuterstock

Representatives of the National Convent on the European Union (NKEU) said on Monday that the latest European Commission (EC) report on Serbia was less sharp than the previous ones. As such, it could motivate Belgrade to accelerate the process of European integration.

The EU ambassador to Serbia, Emanuele Giaufret, handed the EC report on Serbia’s progress to the NKEU members. At the same time, the Convent Coordinator Natasa Dragojlovic presented the ambassador with a Book of Recommendations, the result of the central Convent’s activities.

Giaufret reiterated the report represented an honest and factual assessment of Serbia’s efforts in European integration and provided guidelines for further activities.

Last year, the Convent warned that Serbia had taken steps back on its path to the EU over the past year.

On Monday, The ambassador thanked civil society for contributing to the report with its members’ insights and assessments.

„Civil society must play a key role in a democratic society, and it is important to keep European integration issues high on the agenda,“ Giaufret said.

He added that „the National Convent not only has an essential role of public oversight but also provides a fundamental analysis of all issues in the negotiating chapters, what is of great benefit to both Serbia’a Government and EU institutions, including the EU Delegation.

Giaufret said Serbia should accelerate and deepen reforms in the judiciary independence, the fight against corruption, media freedom, the prosecution of war crimes before domestic courts and the fight against organised crime.

„Serbia’s progress in the area of the rule of law and normalisation of relations with Kosovo is crucial and will determine the overall pace of accession negotiations,“ the ambassador added.



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