N1’s website soon available in Slovenia

NEWS 27.01.2021 20:54
Source: N1

The United Media (UM) said on Wednesday it would launch its N1news website to the Slovenian market by mid-year.

„N1 is the first regional news channel and CNN exclusive partner in this part of Europe – in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2014, and spreading to new markets with the brand which has great credibility in all countries where it operates is a next logical step,“ UM said in a statement.

Aleksandra Subotic, the UM CEO said that „N1, CNN affiliate for the Adria region, positioned itself as a professional, independent and responsible media outlet in the last six years, and is at the very top in terms of viewership and readability in the countries it operates in. We believe that thanks to the respect of the highest journalistic standards will be recognised as a trusted news portal in Slovenia as well and that it will soon become the first choice of its readers.“

„We’re convinced that we will contribute to the Slovenian media scene thanks to our great international experience and the cooperation with CNN and ENEX,“ Subotic added.
Katja Seruga, a long-time editor and journalist, will be in charge of the Slovenian N1 website.
„I hope that the arrival of N1 will strengthen journalism in Slovenia. That’s the main reason why I accepted this challenge. N1 is already well-established brand abroad, advocating high editorial and journalistic standards and I believe that will be the same in Slovenia, „Seruga told UM.
She will have help from the N1 Luxembourg international collegium and its top media professional. Besides, there are journalists with long-time experience of working with world-known televisions, such as former director of the BCC World Service Peter Horrocks and the ENEX executive director Adrian Wells.
N1 Slovenia website will start in the first half of 2021 and gather well-known Slovenian journalists, UM said.