N1 says RTS accusations groundless

NEWS 28.07.2021 19:53
Source: N1

N1 TV said on Wednesday that the Serbian state TV (RTS) made completely groundless accusations theft of exclusive content after N1 aired part of a statement by Taekwondo Olympic athlete Milica Mandic to RTS on the day that she won the first gold medal for Serbia.

“On the day that Serbia won its first gold medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, N1 aired part of a statement that Milica Mandic gave to the RTS. It used 40 second of the statement by the Serbian Taekwondo champion in the N1 evening news at 7 and 9 pm and the public broadcaster used that a day later for its completely unfounded accusation of theft of exclusive content. They even said that we removed the RTS logo from the recording,” an N1 statement said.

“If the authors of that public broadcaster news item had taken a careful look at the N1 news clip, which we recommend they do for the sake of quality information, they would have noticed that the RTS logo is clearly visible. We would recommend that the managers of the public broadcaster take more care of being informed and of their legal obligations under the Law on Public Media Services and the Copyright Law,” the statement said.

N1 recalled that the Copyright Law states that parts of public reporting on current events can be used to inform the public without permission for the author and without paying copyright fees and that daily reports and news items can be used freely.

“Considering the fact that this is the first time, as far as we know, that the RTS is threatening a law suit over re-broadcasting of statements to the public broadcaster, we can only interpret this to be pressure on N1 since the RTS threat has no basis in law nor in healthy logic,” the statement said.