N1 invites Vucic, Ponos to presidential debate

NEWS 17.03.2022 13:35
Source: N1

N1 TV is inviting Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and opposition presidential candidate Zdravko Ponos to an election campaign duel.

“Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) candidate for Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic often says in his public appearance that no different opinions are heard on N1 TV, that is the views of the authorities. He has been repeating that frequently in the election campaign. N1 wants to inform the public that it has been continuously inviting representatives of the authorities to appear on out programs ever since we went on the air in 2014. Aleksandar Vucic has received dozens of invitations and we have repeated them in this election campaign, both to him personally and to members of the SNS. No one from Aleksandar Vucic’s team has replied to the invitation to appear on the 360 Degrees show on March 17 which will offer presidential candidates an opportunity to present their programs,” N1 said.

“That is why we are inviting him once again to benefit from this opportunity and take part in a live show on N1 TV in a duel with the most prominent opposition candidate Zdravko Ponos. We feel that voters in Serbia, before they decide who to vote for, have the right to see the most prominent candidates confront each other with their views. That is the heritage of contemporary states which contributes to democracy. We reserved the 9 pm slot on March 29 for the presidential duel,” it added.

TV N1 said that it reserved the last day of the campaign, March 31 for parties and their candidates at the Belgrade city, parliamentary and presidential elections. The debates are scheduled to start at 7:30 pm and close at midnight. We have sent invitations to all main party and presidential candidates, it said.