Mustafa: Kurti’s Government is a Government of violence

NEWS 10.08.2022 09:05
Source: N1

Commenting Kosovo Prime Minister’s statement that the situation between Kosovo and Serbia could escalate into an armed conflict, former Kosovo Prime Minster Isa Mustafa said Albin Kurti’s Government is one of violence, Kossev reported.

“This is a Government of violence. He came to power using violence, stones, Molotov cocktails, bombs,” said Mustafa, adding that, when it comes to violence, Kurti’s Government “is not much different from the Russians who are setting Ukraine on fire while the Kosovo Government set the Kosovo institutions on fire to topple a democratic government. They want to establish a parallel army and parallel bodies of justice.”

Mustafa said Kurti and Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani “have Russia and Serbia for breakfast and dinner”, adding that those who encourage war bring Serbia to their door.

“Since coming to power all they talk about is war, they say that the war is not over,” Kossev quoted Mustafa as saying.

Asked if there was a possibility of a new conflict between Kosovo and Serbia, Mustafa said that war is not in Kosovo’s interest, but “a solution to the problems through peace and dialogue.”