Mural of Darya Dugina in Belgrade painted over

NEWS 26.08.2022 14:42
Source: Dragan Mujan/

A mural of Darya Dugina and the message next to it “Russian death. This is the Russian girl with white hair who has gone to the sky in the August rains,” painted earlier this week in downtown Belgrade, have been painted over.

The mural has been replaced with the message “Work in progress.”

Dugina is the assassinated daughter of Russian ideologue and advisor to President Vladimir Putin Alexander Dugin.

She was killed by in a car-bomb attack in Moscow on August 20. The Russian authorities blamed the bombing on Ukrainian security services, which Kiev denies.

President Vladimir Putin posthumously awarded Dugina the Order of Courage, while her father, Alexander Dugin, said his daughter’s death can be redeemed only by the highest achievement, and that is “Russia’s victory.”