Montenegro PM warns of possible violent events in future

NEWS 06.09.2021 20:29
Source: Screenshot

Montenegrin Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic said on Monday that “another D Day” had passed with the protests over the enthronement of the new Montenegro-littoral Bishop in Cetinje on Sunday but warned that similar events could happen in future.

He told a news conference that “someone intentionally created the situation” but did not specify who he meant. He also claimed that posts on social networks were made through what he called reserve reserve platforms with software that only security services have.


Montenegro’s Internal Affairs Minister Sergej Sekulovic and the Director of the Police Authority Zoran Brdjanin expressed regret over “the unpleasantness” people face in Cetinje and called political leaders to immediately invest effort to ease tensions.

Montenegrin nationalists, including an advisor to President Milo Djukanovic, clashed with the police in and around the old Montenegrin capital Cetinje during protests to prevent the enthronement of Bishop Joanikije as the new head of the Serbian Orthodox Church Montenegro-Littoral Bishopric. The Bishop and Patriarch Porfirije were flown in by helicopter for the ceremony at the disputed Cetinje monastery.

Krivokapic said that the important thing on Sunday was the fact that the police showed tolerance. “The whole thing passed without any injuries thanks to the determination of the police with the help of the army even though it was a high-risk event,” he said and added that the whole things was based on interest. “There was little ideology and mainly politics and organized crime groups,” he said.