Mladic mural reported painted over in black

NEWS 20.12.2021 12:53
Source: Ilustracija / N1

The portal reported that the mural of convicted war criminal General Ratko Mladic in central Belgrade had been painted over with black paint.

The mural has drawn protests over the past few months by human rights activists. Nationalists and right-wing extremists have been standing guard at the mural for weeks and have cleaned it up after paint and eggs were thrown at it and after communal service workers painted over it. Two more murals were painted next to the Mladic mural: one on the same building of WW 2 Yugoslav Royal Army commander General Dragoslav Mihailovic who was convicted for collaborating with the Nazis and one on a wall across the street of WW 1 Serbian Royal Army commander Vojvoda Zivojin Misic both of who are revered by nationalists. All three murals include the logo of the Partizan sports club.

A group of young men cleaned the black paint from the mural within hours of the Twitter post just as they did the previous times that the mural was painted over or had paint thrown on it.

Kontrapress posted a photograph of the Mladic and Mihailovic murals with the faces painted over in black. The messages of support on both murals were also painted over.

The Tweet did not specify who paitned over the murals.