Ministry: State graduation to be realized in 2022/23 school year in Serbia

NEWS 28.02.2021 16:50
Source: N1

The final exam for students of three-year secondary vocational schools, known as the state graduation, will be realized in the 2022/23 school year, and the general, artistic and professional state graduation in the 2023/24 school year, the Serbian Ministry of Education announced Sunday.

The decision to extend the preparatory period was made by the Commission for the monitoring of activities of the introduction of the state graduation in the education system „considering the current situation“ with the pandemic and its impact on the education system.

It was originally planned to hold the state graduation exam in 2022, but it was assessed that it „represents a major change in the education system and requires thorough preparation of each segment of the implementation, taking into account the specific conditions of teaching due to the coronavirus pandemic.“

The Ministry of Education noted that they „have strong EU support“ in the process of introducing the national exam at the end of secondary education, as well as in other reform steps.


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