Minister: Special units’ withdrawal from Kosovo’s north condition for dialogue

NEWS 26.09.2021 18:03
Source: Ministarstvo odbrane Srbije

Serbia's Defence Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said in Jarinje on Sunday that withdrawal of special police units is a condition for calming the tensions in the north of Kosovo and for the start of the dialogue.

In the company of Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko and Chief of the Joint Staff of the Army of Serbia Milan Mojsilovic, Stefanovic visited the soldiers in the ‘Stefan Nemanja’ barracks in Raska and the Rudnica base, who are in the state of increased combat readiness.

According to the Defence Ministry’s statement, Stefanovic made sure during the visit that the military units were “highly motivated and ready to protect their people.”

Ambassador Botsan-Kharchenko expressed Russia’s support for Belgrade’s position, which, as he assessed, is aimed at de-escalating the situation in Kosovo.

“This situation is raising a great concern in Moscow,” said the Russian ambassador.

He also noted that Pristina shows no sign of seeking a compromise in the dialogue with Belgrade and that this shows Pristina’s “dangerous line” and pressure on the Serbs, which can result in new conflicts.


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