Minister says bomb threats are part of special war against Serbia

NEWS 16.05.2022 18:34
Source: N1

Internal Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Monday that the bomb threats in cities across Serbia are a form of “special warfare” intended to prevent Belgrade from conducting independent policies and force it to take decision under pressure.

“A special war is being waged against Serbia. Threats are being sent from different addresses in several European states to institutions, media houses, companies. The attacks on our country have not been launched nor are they being waged by an individual. These are mass, organized and very expensive hacker attacks from different hybrid warfare centers,” Vulin is quoted as saying in a press release.

Bomb threats were sent to almost 100 schools, at least one office building and communal services company in Belgrade and the airport in the southern city of Nis.

He added that the equipment needed to launch the kind of attack launched on Monday costs more than 100,000 Euro and that the damages inflicted run into the millions. He claimed that the equipment is destroyed right after the attack to prevent investigators from determining the location from where it was launched.

“The claims of explosive devices are intended to cause panic and inflict damage on our country’s economy but the fundamental goal of all attacks is to prevent Serbia from conducting independent policies and force it to take decisions out of fear and under pressure,” he said.

He called the public to remain calm and follow orders from the police.

“The Internal Affairs Ministry is working with the Higher Public Prosecution and Organized Crime Prosecution to speed up international legal aid processes through contacts established in line with the Budapest Convention. A special war is being waged against Serbia and we have to be ready,” he said.