Minister: Montenegro-Serbia relations are ‘brotherly and complicated’

NEWS 03.04.2021 17:59
Source: N1

Montenegrin Interior Minister Sergej Sekulovic said the relations between Montenegro and Serbia are currently “brotherly and complicated, dynamic and opposing,” but that they are much better among the citizens than at the high politics level.

Speaking to Beta news agency, Sekulovic said that those relations will head towards mutual respect and full cooperation on “healthy grounds.”

“Montenegro and Serbia are the backbone of the Balkans and mutual intertwining of relations and depth of the closeness obliges us before the citizens,” the minister said.

Asked how he would assess the fact that no meeting of senior state officials of the two countries has been held four months after the formation of the new Montenegro Government, Sekulovic replied that this was not a good message and that the meeting should take place as soon as possible.

“That’s a mutual interest. I think there is such wish on Montenegro’s side and it has been demonstrated openly on several occasions,” he added.


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