Military pensioner: I will return vitamins to Serbia’s President

NEWS 06.04.2021 14:48
Source: N1

Jovan Tamburic, the head of Military Pensioners' Union, told N1on Tuesday that he would send back a bag with vitamins that Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic said would deliver to all retired citizens, saying he would symbolically add "President's own hot air." .

Vucic said on Sunday he would send a bag of vitamins to all pensioners in Serbia to boost their immune system amid the coronavirus epidemic.

The news prompted speculations about the legality of the vitamins’ purchase.

„We called on pensioners to, together with vitamins, return Vucic’s his hot air as well,“ Tamburic said, accusing the President of „robbing retirees by taking away the pensioners’ fund, reducing pensions…“

He described Vucic’s move as humiliation.

„In that way, the President promotes himself and his party at the expense of Serbia’s taxpayers, covering up all wrongdoings with the pensioners’ fund,“ Tamburic added.

Last December, an infectologist returned Vucic a medal for achievements in fighting the coronavirus epidemic.

He was among other doctors decorated but said he sent the medal back because Vicic’s party members had threatened his family.