MPs adopt Serbia’s 2022 budget said to be mainly on the revenue side

NEWS 23.11.2021 21:24
Source: N1

Out of 250 deputies, 203 voted in favour of Serbia's revenue-oriented 2022 budget, while one MP abstained.

Serbia’s Prime Minister Ana Brnabicsaid that the budget was adopted in times of crisis, adding it relied on everything that was done last year, especially praising the Government for implementing three packages of a total of eight billion euros assistance to the economy and people.

The budget is higher on the side of revenues and slightly lower on expenditures concerning 2021 rebalance. The Government plans 1,561.8 billion dinars (1 euro = 118 RSD) in the state treasury. Next year, it plans costs at 1.717 billion dinars, putting the estimated deficit at three percent. The entire budget is tailored to the projected economic growth of 4.5 percent.

That is followed by an increase in salaries in the public sector by seven, and for health, army and social services workers by eight percent.

The Government also says that the harmonisation of pensions with the Swiss formula is starting.

Most of the money, 486 billion dinars, will be spent on capital investments, above the level of investments in previous years. Most of it goes to transport infrastructures like roads and railways and projects such as the Belgrade underground system and the National Stadium.

That was the reason for the Fiscal Council’s sharp criticism of the Government for not justifying those projects. They don’t question the need for the underground, but the way it’s planned and the money meant to spend. As for the National Stadium idea, many experts see it as ridiculous since Belgrade has two big soccer stadiums.


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