Memorial to missing Kosovo Serb journalists restored

NEWS 02.05.2022 15:20
Source: N1

A memorial to two Serbian journalists who went missing during the war in Kosovo has been restored for the 9th time.

Radio TV Pristina journalists Ranko Perenic and Djuro Slavuj disappeared between the village of Velika Hoca and the Zociste monastery on August 21, 1998. They were reported to have gone into an area controlled by the Kosovo Liberation Army and have never been found. They were the first Serbian journalists to go missing during the conflict. The memorial was destroyed and restored multiple times.

Monday’s gathering at the site where they were last seen was attended by some 40 journalists from Serbia and Serbian-language media in Kosovo, reported.

Serbian Journalists’ Association (UNS) President Zivojin Rakocevic said that 17 journalists are still missing in Kosovo. “We were offered to move the memorial to a Serb community but we refused and will continue restoring it with the words: Looking for Them,” he said.