Media organization says problems remain unresolved

NEWS 20.10.2021 19:52
mediji, novine
Source: N1

The Coalition for Free Media said on Wednesday that the issues of freedom of expression and other key problems in the media community remain unresolved despite the fact that the European Commission progress report on Serbia said there was limited progress on those issues.

“This year’s report lists formal and procedural measures which have been implemented… On the other hand, the report states that formal action has not brought changes on the media scene and that the security of journalists is still at a low level with continuing verbal assaults and hate speech from top state officials and the environment not contributing to media freedom or freedom of expression,” a press release said.

“The Coalition feels that European officials should not dispute the actual situation in their statements and clearly point out the findings of the European Commission that there is no fundamental improvement of media freedom,” it said and called European institutions to support changes.

The Coalition brings together several Serbian media and journalists’ organizations.