Locals protest against lithium research in western Serbia

NEWS 17.04.2021 14:22
Source: N1

Residents of Dobrinja, a village near Pozega in western Serbia, protested on Saturday against the planned geological research of lithium in their area.

Kilometres-long convoys of cars with activists headed toward the village to support the residents express their dissatisfaction with the announced research which they believe will pollute their environment.

„We will not allow you to do anything here, to pollute our water, soil and air under our part of the sky,” the residents said.

“This will not stand, no mine will be opened,” and “We won’t be ecological refugees,” their banners read.

Nikola Maslac, a representative of the civil initiative “Pozega,” reminded that the Ministry of Mining and Energy has on March 1 issued an approval for the Belgrade company Jadar Litijum doo to conduct geological research on the territory of nine villages in this area and to determine whether lithium or boron can be found there. The municipality Pozega was informed about this decision on March 5th but did not receive any details, Maslac said.

„Right now we have no further information about the geological research – what it will look like, what kind of work is foreseen, which locations, which plots, we have not seen the project or the documentation to determine whether the lawful procedures were respected when this decision was passed,” he said.

Residents have organized themselves and they have met with ecological activists who explained to them what geological research is and what consequences the opening of a lithium mine would have. Maslac said that the residents are strongly opposed to such a possibility.

The Ministry told N1 that the residents have no reason to be concerned because if exploitation is possible, it will be conducted according to the highest standards.


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