Local elections in Presevo end in stalemate

NEWS 29.03.2021 19:09
Source: Fonet/Slobodna reč

The local elections in the southern Serbian town of Presevo ended in a stalemate with none of the parties winning enough votes to form the local administration.

The Serbian state TV (RTS) said that 14 of the 38 seats on the municipal council went to the Alternative for Changes, nine to the Democratic Party of Albanians, seven to the Party of Democratic Action, five the Movement for Reform and one seat to the Democratic Union of Albanians with the coalition of ethnic Serb parties For the Future of Presevo winning tw seats.

The local election commission said that 40 percent of a total of some 42,000 voters cast ballots on Sunday. Election Commission President Kenan Kamberi said that 18,252 people cast votes, adding that more people turned out than in earlier elections.

The Presevo municipality has a substantial ethnic Albanian population.