Leader of Serbia’s ruling party to be elected in spring 2022


There were several proposals during the Saturday session of the Main Board of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) not to elect the party leader at the upcoming congress, which will be held from October 21 to 24, but to do so in the spring, after the presidential election, the SNS Vice President Milos Vucevic said.

After the Main Board session in Belgrade, which was not attended by the party leader Aleksandar Vucic, he said that the proposal was not voted on today, but it was decided that the SNS Presidency would make a decision on which party bodies would be elected at the congress.

„Most of the Main Board members, and above all the vast majority of the party membership, expect Vucic to continue leading the party. I think he has a moral obligation to accept the candidacy for the President of the Republic, he has a moral obligation towards a decent Serbia, towards all citizens who want to see Serbia as a normal, decent state, which is developing, making progress and winning,“ Vucevic pointed out.

He added that this would be discussed at some subsequent sessions of party bodies and that Vucic had not yet made that decision.

„We will all hear what Vucic’s position is on that. He must say that,“ said Vucevic.


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