Lawyer: Death threats to N1’s reporter, man who passed them should be arrested

NEWS 21.01.2021 22:03

Borivoje Borovic, a lawyer, told N1 on Thursday the threats to N1's reporter Jelena Zoric were death threats and that Svetislav Bojic, an attorney who passed them on to the journalist, should have been detained.

He added that the Prosecutors’ Office should have reacted and launched an investigation.

„The messages Bojic, a lawyer for Predrag Koluvija (the main suspect in ‘Jovanjica case’ related to the huge marijuana plant he owned) were serious, threats to her life,“ Borovic said.

Bojic told Zoric his client said she was destroying him with her reports, but he prayed for her good health. Bojic also asked Zoric to be ‘precise’ in reporting about the case, because his client „is an honest man and sincere believer.“

The lawyer also said Koluvija was praying for the good health of the prosecutor in the case and the police officer who arrested him and added that “whoever fell foul of Predrag” didn’t end up well.“

„I rarely comment on my colleagues’ statement, but this is a murder threat, an attempt to ban reports on current trials,“ Borovic said.

He warned that „Zoric and others included in the ‘Jovanjica case’ will have problems.“

„Even the judge, if he is brave enough to deal with the indictment, to sentence the man who to state officials say is innocent, won’t be elected to the Judiciary High Council… The Judiciary Committee head is (Vladimir) Djukanovic (high-ranked official of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party and one of Koluvija’s attorney)… That’s the conflict of interest,“ Borovic said.

He added that neither Belgrade nor Serbia’s bar association reacted seriously to Bojic’s behaviour.

In the meantime, the so-called ‘Jovanjica 2’ indictment of some members of the Interior Ministry (MUP), state security agency (BIA) and Military Intelligence (VOA) was confirmed.

MUP and BIA members were arrested in July, while a VOA member had been at large.