Lajcak: Several agreements to be considered between Pristina and Belgrade

NEWS 10.07.2022 12:55
Miroslav Lajčak
Source: Media EU info

The European Union's special envoy for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Miroslav Lajcak, said that three or four agreements are ready for the two sides to consider and that he expects them to be finalised soon.

Speaking at the 15th Dubrovnik Forum, he praised Serbia and Kosovo for the monthly meetings between their negotiators.

Lajcak also said the dialogue process between Belgrade and Pristina is the most strategic process in the region.

He stressed that the EU must finish the unfinished business when it comes to the integration of the Western Balkans and that two urgent issues are the start of negotiations for the admission of Albania and North Macedonia to the European Union, as well as the visa liberalisation for Kosovo.


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