Kurti: Western Balkans need the Berlin Process to advance towards EU

NEWS 05.07.2022 18:01
Source: N1/arhiva

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said in Athens that Western Balkan countries need the Berlin Process so they could advance towards the European Union (EU), Beta reported.

Kurti is participating in a round table organized by the Government of Greece and the prestigious British magazine The Economist.

Kosovo Prime Minister told the round table that the Berlin Process could bring “a wave that would lift all boats in the Western Balkans”, said a Kosovo Government press release.

“It is an initiative with the European Union as a value and a mechanism,” said Kurti.

He said “the Republic of Kosovo is a dual success, firstly that of the 1999 West and NATO intervention to stop the Serbian genocide.”

“Secondly, it is a successful story in terms of economic growth and quality democracy, which go hand in hand,” said Kurti.