Kurti: Tensions in North Kosovo to continue if the West allows it

NEWS 15.08.2022 17:44
aljbin kurti
Source: REUTERS/Fedja Grulovic

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said tensions in North Kosovo will continue if western democracies allow Serbia to “keep on going with old dreams,” Beta reported.

Speaking ahead of a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Burssels on August 18, Kurti said that any resolution must be centred on mutual recognition.

“I think the problem with Belgrade is that they simply keep on going with old dreams, which become nightmares for the neighbors of Serbia and for Serbian people as well,” Kurti said in an interview with the Financial Times, the Pristina media reported.

Kurti also commented on Russia’s influence on Kosovo-Serbia relations.

“We are worried but not afraid. How the situation develops will depend a lot on the stance and the pressure of western democracies on Belgrade,” Kurti said.

“What Serbia wants is to get European Union (EU) funds, Russian weapons, Chinese investments and American tolerance,” said Kurti, adding: “If western democracies disallow that, a solution will be very easy to achieve. But if [Serbs] are allowed to play this game, this tension will continue.”

The Kosovo Prime Minister said that Serbian nationalism and Russian interests are “the very same thing,” adding that unwinding one would weaken the other.

Putin wants to show that the NATO intervention in Kosovo was a temporary success, said Kurti, adding: “We are witnesses that Kosovo is here to stay.”