Kurti: Serbia’s structures in Kosovo have turned into criminal gangs

NEWS 17.08.2022 19:54
aljbin kurti n1
Source: N1

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said Wednesday in Brussels that the democratic state of Kosovo has its own institutions and that, on the other side, there are illegal structures of Serbia in Kosovo which have turned into criminal gangs capable of erecting barricades on roads in ten minutes.

Kurti accused Serbia of acting destructively in Kosovo and in the entire region, in line with Russia’s interested.

Since April last year the Kosovo police conducted 34 operations, arresting dozens of criminals from the organized crime, many of them were Albanians because “our police does not distinguish criminals according to their national identity,” said Kurti following his meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Kurti said Belgrade agreed not to make vehicle license plates for cities in Kosovo starting 2018 or force people to use them, and added that he sees no reason why the conversion of license plates would not be carried out.

We have started a campaign to inform all Serbian citizens, but also created certain financial incentives for the conversion, Kurti said.

My government is committed to a policy in line with Euro-Atlantic integration, said Kurti and thanked NATO for contributing, through KFOR, to the freedom and security of Kosovo citizens for 23 years.