Kurti: Ruling out the possibility of new conflicts irresponsible

NEWS 11.08.2022 09:07
aljbin kurti
Source: REUTERS/Fedja Grulovic

Having in mind the aggressive policies of Belgrade, it would be totally irresponsible to exclude the possibility of rising tensions and new conflicts, Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said in an interview with Reuters.

The problem is that we have an autocracy in our neighborhood, in the north. This is why we are vigilant and closely monitoring the situation. We have NATO in Kosovo, the European Union (EU) even though we are not a member, we are not afraid. But we should not ignore Belgrade’s aggressive policies, Kurti said.

“We have our institutions and organs of security and defense,” said the Kosovo Prime Minister, adding that this is not 1998 but 2022.

“We are much more prepared to defend our sovereignty, territorial integrity, to defend our democracy, rule of law, constitutionality, and to defend our progress,” Kurti said.