Kurti replies to Vucic

NEWS 12.08.2022 14:52
aljbin kurti
Source: REUTERS/Fedja Grulovic

When Belgrade talks about killings and violence, it is talking about itself, said Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, commenting Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s statement that Kosovo is preparing an attack on Serbs in North Kosovo, Kossev reported, quoting Gazeta Express.

“First of all, based on the victory from February last year, I am a prime minister of hope and progress, while in Serbia you have a prime minister of fear and threats. When Serbs talk about violence, they are talking about themselves, not about our republic, our institutions speak of us,“ said Kurti, Kossev reported.

Kurti said Kosovo is in favor of long-term peace and stability and that August 1 was supposed to be calm, but that barricades were erected on July 31 by people who encouraged, organized and financed the parallel structures that have turned into criminal gangs.

“So, when they speak – they speak for themselves, we are for long-term peace and stability,” Kurti said.

We note that Vucic warned that, “under the guise of the fight against crime,” the Pristina authorities are preparing to “liquidate” Serbs in northern Kosovo.