Kurti: No extension of license plate deadline

NEWS 25.10.2022 16:13
Source: N1/arhiva

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that the October 31 deadline for replacing Serbia-issued vehicle license plates with Kosovo plates will not be postponed in spite of the US and European Union’s (EU) requests for the deadline to be extended for another ten months.

Kurti said he was in touch with Kfor, with the US Ambassador and with the Department of State regarding this issue.

“We have already extended the deadline. Instead of September 30, the last date is October 31 when all Kosovo citizens who have vehicles with outdates license plates will be able to replace them with legitimate license plates,” said Kurti.

He called on all owners of vehicles with Serbia-issued plates to get Kosovo plates, adding that the vast majority of Serbs in Kosovo have already done this.

Kurti said these measures are not directed against Serbs but that they are for Serbs, because “they cannot be equal citizens in Kosovo if they have different license plates.”

„When our partners give us suggestions, we take them seriously…I am in constant contact with my Minister of the Interior and police director. I cooperate with the KFOR commander, with the American Ambassador and the State Department. We never want to surprise our allies and friends, but criminals,” said Kurti.

The Kosovo Prime Minister said that the negative campaign and “the crimes of violence originating from Belgrade” are hindering the license plates campaign.

According to the latest information of the Kosovo Interior Ministry, six days before the expiry of the deadline only 17 license plates have been replaced with Kosovo plates.