Kosovo Serb politician in video terror warning

NEWS 06.07.2022 13:57
milan radoičić
Source: N1

Kosovo Serb politician and alleged organized crime group boss Milan Radoicic published a video saying that he had returned to Kosovo.

Radoicic fled Kosovo late in 2018, avoiding arrest for his alleged involvement in the assassination of Kosovo Serb opposition leader Oliver Ivanovic. Radoicic is a deputy leader of the Belgrade-backed Serb List. The warrant for his arrest was revoked in March 2021. He also avoided arrest in February under a warrant over the Brezovica case (corruption and illegal construction) at the Brnjak border crossing.

Urosevac prosecutor Rasim Maloku said that the Kosovo police have a warrant for the arrest of deputy leader of the Belgrade-backed Serb List Milan Radoicic if he is found in the Kosovo territory, Beta reported.

Maljoku told Radio Free Europe that the warrant for Radoicic’s arrest over the Brezovica case is still in effect.

“The real terror over the Serb people is just starting. I just want to tell my people in the north and all Serbs and the others: I am here, I’m back and you know what that means because there is not backing out from here. Long live Serbia,” he said in the video which is said to have been made in Leposavic in the north of Kosovo.

The video message comes just days after Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic accused the authorities in Pristina of planning an assault on the majority-Serb municipalities in the north of Kosovo.

Radoicic has denied all of the charges against him. The US Treasury Department has placed him and alleged fellow crime group member Zvonko Veselinovic on a list of people involved in corruption.

Urosevac Prosecutor Rasim Maloku confirmed that the Kosovo police has been issued a warrant to arrest Radoicic.