Kosovo president publishes letter from US President Biden

NEWS 16.02.2022 11:44
Source: REUTERS/Laura Hasani

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani said that she received a letter from US President Joe Biden who said that Washington remains Pristina’s steadfast partner.

“As Kosovo turns 14, the US President highlights Kosovo’s leadership on the international stage, applauds our efforts for strengthening democracy and rule of law, and& emphasizes that the US remains Kosovo’s steadfast partner,” Osmani said in a Twitter post which included a picture image of the letter from Biden.


Biden’s letter said that “Kosovo has made incredible progress over its 14 years of independence, growing from a fledgling democracy into a nation ready to share its experiences with the world… I applaud you commitment to the ongoing and vital work of strengthening Kosovo’s institutions and ensuring Kosovo’s democracy delivers for all the people of your country”. “The United States will remain Kosovo’s steadfast partner as you strive to fight corruption and strengthen rule of law, to protect the rights of religious and ethnic minorities, to foster just and transparent economic growth and to secure a sustainable energy future,” the letter posted by Osmani said.