Kosovo police say they are processing data on groups, organizations from Serbia

NEWS 19.08.2022 18:37
Source: N1/arhiva, ilustracija

The Kosovo police have information that “illegal groups or organizations” from Serbia are operating in the Kosovo territory, while the Pristina-based Special Prosecution is conducting an investigation against some of them, the Kosovo police confirmed for Radio Free Europe (RFE).

The police added that, because the investigation is ongoing, they “cannot disclose any details on the matter.”

“In association with other security institutions, as well as international partners, the Kosovo police are processing all the data in connection with illegal groups that could disturb public order and security,” said the police.

RSE also inquired about the matter with the Special Prosecution, but at the time of the publishing of this article there was no reply.

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti warned at the end of March this year that “ten or so extremist rightist organizations from Serbia are trying to destabilize the security situation in Kosovo,” but failed to provide additional information, that is, to say what organizations he was referring to or how they could do this.

However, he did said that these organizations are publicly active on national holidays like June 28, when the 1389 Battle of Kosovo is marked. June 28 is also a religious holiday of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC).

RFE also asked the Kosovo Ministry of Internal Affairs if the activities of rightist organizations from Serbia are banned in Kosovo and asked for a list of the organizations that the Kosovo Prime Minster was referring to, but the reply never came.

Pristina sociologist of religion Ismailj Hasan and Predrag Petrovic of the Belgrade Center for Security Policy (BCSP) assessed that rightist groups from Serbia “could contribute to increasing tensions between Kosovo and Serbia, and cause additional unrest and worry among the people.”

The two experts also say that the activities of the extremist rightist groups from Serbia are linked with the war in Ukraine, which started at end of February after Russia’s President Vladimir Putin ordered a military operation, RFE said.