Kosovo police fire tear gas to unblock crossings

Source: Tanjug/AP Photo/Bojan Slavković

The Kosovo police fired tear gas at protesters blocking the Brnjak crossing on Monday afternoon, in an attempt to clear the approach road of vehicles.

Local media reported that no one was injured and that the protesters pulled back, splitting into smaller groups in several locations. The protests at two crossings were staged after the authorities in Pristina decided to order all Serbia-registered vehicles to replace their license plates with temporary Kosovo plates. The media reports said that the situation was still tense.

In the meantime, Internal Affairs Minister Xhelal Sfecla said that the decision on temporary license plates for vehicles entering Kosovo is legitimate. He told a news conference that the decision was taken to allow freedom of movement, adding that the decision is legitimate because the Serbian authorities are also making drivers from Kosovo replace their license plates with temporary licenses.

“Serbs still have the right to freedom of movement and are protected by the constitution and laws of Kosovo,” he said and appealed to Serbs to stop blocking roads.