Kosovo Police deny beatings

NEWS 23.09.2021 18:34
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Source: N1

The Kosovo police denied reports of its officers beating up three Serbs near the Brnjak border crossing on Thursday, saying that the reports were misinformation meant to portray the situation as unsafe.

A statement said that the report in a local media outlet was biased and untrue. The report said that officers with the ROSU police SWAT unit deployed around the crossing attacked three local Serbs.

“That report was proved to be false after an investigation since there were no detentions or contact with protesters at the crossing,” the statement said. It added that police officers did check the IDs of “three truck drivers following behind a police convoy and endangering the police officers and a police operation”. “The officers detained and checked them before releasing the three drivers who are from Kosovo and ordering them to report to the police station in Mitrovica south,” it said.

Two of the three Serbs were admitted to the Mitrovica hospital with injuries while the third was given medical aid at the Zubin Potok medical center.